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Marlise Newman

"I paint from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning. I want to draw the observer in through atmosphere and mystery. My intent is for you to dive in and want to stay" - Marlise Newman

Marlise paints both landscapes and still lives with her signature style. It is the work of a mature artist that walks a line between abstract and representational. In all of her paintings one sees a strong sense of design both in her style and in her palette. Her paintings are built on a foundation of strong abstract design but are inspired by recognizable representational subjects.

Working primarily with oil on panel, Newman’s subjects appear exceedingly simple; a road going into the distance, a singular boat or swooping bird; however, what resonates is the painterly way Newman works, applying her oils to imply rather than mimic the subject. There is a passionate and impulsive use of line and color in these works. Newman fully engages the viewer, yet even with all this energy her work maintains a harmonious ambiance.