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Nancy Tuttle May - featured Artist

Les Bonnes Couleuers
Nancy Tuttle May

Opening reception Friday October 25, 2019

6:30 to 8:30 pm

Exhibition thru November 24, 2019

Nancy Tuttle May is the featured artist in the lower gallery for November.

There will be a reception for the artist Friday October 25th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Nancy Tuttle May has been illuminating our lives with her works on canvas for 48 years.

These paintings represent her newest mixed media work on canvas.


Nancy cites the late American artist Helen Frankenthaler as an influence. Like Frankentahller, Nancy's work can be refereed to as 'color field painting' which is characterized by the application of large areas, or 'fields', of color to the canvas. This style is generally defined by the use of hues that are similar in tone or intensity, as well as large formats and simplified compositions.



​​Nancy Tuttle May puts it this way: "I like people to see what they see and not be influenced by what I see. The completion of a piece is when a viewer sees something and they connect with it.”


One can see the influence of nature, particularly North Carolina's coast in her work which is sometimes defined by a horizon line, while in others we see the use of fluid shapes, abstract masses, and gestures. There is a lyrical spontaneity in the work.


Frankenthaller once said "A really good picture looks as if it's happened at once." 


Nancy's most recent work has layers of depth created by her signature collage technique utilizing acrylic, gold leaf powders, oil sticks marble dust and more.

Nancy Tuttle May's paintings deftly use color and form to create abstract works of such soul and substance as to win over the most die hard representational art lover.

Lower Gallery Exhibition

Vicki Essig  |  Treasures in Silk

Vicki Essig weaves silk with selected objects to create her diaphanous framed works.


Vicki's handwoven silk assemblages are imbued with barely detectable messages. 


Working on a loom she weaves fine silk, antique manuscripts and selected objects into her work to create intricate structures that weave past into present organically.

There is a reverence for nature in these finely woven works.


Vicki states "These small overlooked treasures are archived into my fine handwoven cloth where they are suspended in quietude."